Escential Beauty Anti-Aging Foundation in 8 Shades



  Escential Beauty Anti-Aging Foundation in 8 Shades


Escential Beauty Anti-Aging Foundation contains a unique blend of ingredients to counteract the effects of time. Duo-Peptides help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. NutriLayer is a breakthrough natural extract which helps the skin retain its original moisture level. Anti-Oxidants help protect the skin from free radical damage. Soft Focus Powders provide a self adjusting effect to make the skin look natural and flawless. Beautifully packaged in a white glossy box. Perfect for all skin types.


  • A powerful, fluid skincare foundation
  • Stimulates cell renewal & collagen production
  • Broadly protects skin from the damage of UV rays
  • Leaves an invisible veil to lock in moisture & plump skin
  • Uplifts skin with a flawless, velvety smooth look


*Compare Escential Beauty to other Anti-Aging Foundations. We do as good or better than other more expensive products and give you similar results.

1 fl. oz. Glass w/ Pump bottle and white glossy box.

Now priced at just $19.95



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