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Demeter Naturals 1.7 oz./50ml spray bottle just $25.95
Geranium, Soothing, uplifting and balancing.
A high impact scent. Wear it and prepare yourself for compliments.
Lavender, Soothing, calming and relaxing.
The beautiful scent of fresh cut Lavender. An aristocratic favorite.
Lilac, Purifying, soothing and centering.
The unforgettable scent of lilacs in full bloom, boldly transformed into the 21st century.
Mimosa, Energizing, sensual and stimulating.
A rich and intoxicating scent. Easy to love and a perfect fragrance for any occasion.
Patchouli, Sensual, romantic, soothing.
An exotic and earthy scent with a compelling, seductive appeal.
Rose, Romantic and uplifting.
The true scent of blooming roses symbolizing eternal femininity.
Sage, Uplifting yet relaxing.
A unique fresh scent with light herbal notes and sweet fresh greenery.
Sunflower, Cleansing, soothing and strengthening.
Like rays of sunshine, Sunflower, is wonderful and delicate scent, that is great all year round.
Vanilla Bark, Calming, consoling, soothing. Rich, creamy and woodsy. An earthy take on classic vanilla.
Vetiver, Fresh and rejuvenating. Exotic and personal, Vetiver is a clean, yet earthy and spicy. A deeply satisfying scent.

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