The press has been going crazy about our products. Here's some of what they had to say:

  "Research by French Scientist has found pure Emu oil
has a 40% skin cell regeneration factor. 
Collagen, used in expensive anti-aging creams,has a 25% factor..."
quote from: The Australian, Perth, Australia November 1993.
  " Beauty Phenomenon! Emu oil is a powerful moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin. Studies done at Boston University have shown that emu oil may actually stimulate skin cell regeneration and help reduce wrinkles and sagging." Vogue Magazine   

  "For aging skin, it's a Dremu come true! Emu oil has been shown to re-balance the skin's composition, giving it a more youthful, healthier appearance." Harper's Bazaar 

  "Lines, creases and wrinkles will vanish instantly." Allure   


  "Dremu oil is pure emu oil that helps moisturize dry, sunburned, rough, chapped and cracked skin." Skin Inc.   

  "Makeup artists apply Dremu on Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn, Melanie Griffith, Tommy Tune and Carrie Fisher." Dan's Papers, Bridgehampton, NY   

  "EMU OIL ESSENTIAL. Before you explore the great ourdoors, be sure to check your oil - your Dremu oil, that is." Men's Journal   

  "Dremu's line of skin care products contains Emu Oil, a natural, penetrating oil with a wide range of therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is a good burn salve and diminishes scar formations." Cosmetics & Toiletries   

  "Emu oil rebalances the lipid fatty acid composition in dry, aging skin." DCI, magazine of the drug and cosmetic industry   

  "Dremu Oil from Planet Emu practically erases fine lines." Los Angeles Times 












Dremu Bingo 100% clear EMU OIL

in a factory sealed .35 fl oz/10mL roll-on container.

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Dremu Skin Care

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Natural Skin Care
Are skin problems bothering you? Do you want to maintain your existing, beautiful skin? Dremu provides solutions to many of your natural skin care needs. What is natural skin care? It's caring for your skin, using the same composition of oils that naturally occur in your skin. Why? Synthetically produced skin creams often contain Phosphorus, something the natural oils in your skin don't have. So, any skin cream containing Phosphorus is simply going to sit on the surface of your skin, and not be absorbed. Talk about a waste of time and money! Dremu products, made with pure, triple refined, pharmaceutical grade emu oil, are absorbed into your skin because the composition closely mimics the naturally occurring oils in your skin, allowing you to naturally care for your skin.

And, just wait until you see the results! Here are some natural skin care suggestions we have for common skin problems. Of course, these skin problems may be caused by something more serious; you should consult a physician if your skin problem symptoms persist. Dremu is a must for your natural skin care regime.

If you would like to:

Look as much as 20-years younger.. in less than one minute... (without the pain and side effects of Botox injections), then this will be the most unbelievable (but true!) message you will ever read!

Here is why:

There is now a new cosmetic cream which uses something very much like a "magician's trick" to de-age the appearance of your skin. It's called Deception. Before I tell you the secret of how it works, I want to tell you how you can test this cream on your very own skin.

Here's how you do the test:

Put a little Deception on your fingertips and gently rub it onto ONLY ONE SIDE of your face. Wait about 60-seconds and then look at yourself in your bathroom mirror.

What You See will be Utterly Amazing!

If you have put Deception on the right side of your face... that side... will look up to 20-years younger (it varies from person to person) than your left side! And, the cream will be 100% invisible! It is colorless, odorless... and... you won't even be able to feel it when you touch your skin!

Are you looking for the wrinkle cure? Pure emu oil for beautiful skin. When age, stress and laugh lines have run over your face, reach for Deception. This miraculous cream contains millions of microprisms which refract light to immediately reduce wrinkles. Pat onto lines and wrinkles and watch them disappear! The definitive wrinkle cure. Featured on Soap Talk TV. 

45 Day Supply (0.75 oz jar) 

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Dremu Oil:

Reduces wrinkles without needles - Light, odorless non pore clogging - World's most effective moisturizer - Penetrates deeply to reduce wrinkles - Absorbs immediately - Calms redness - Plumps up fine lines - Hastens healing - Soothes roughness - Rehydrates dry, chapped, skin.

.5 fluid oz.

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Dremu Oil:

Gets rid of puffiness almost immediately... (less than 7 minutes). Smoothes and reduces fine lines and crows feet.
A super light eye cream with emu oil, collagen, ceramides and elastin to firm and rehydrate dry skin around the eyes, vitamin E to prevent dehydration and free-radical damage, green tea extract to reduce puffiness, aloe for smoothing and panthenol for refining delicate tissue.
Oprah recommended Airbrush to millions of women...




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