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e-scential beauty Mineral Eye Shadow Shimmer & Pearl Makeup

You will love this all new mineral eye shadow from e-scential beauty.

Comes new in a full 1 gram sifter jar of mineral eye shadow.

(contents 1g net wt.) Almost twice as much as famous brands!

Just $5.95 each.

(See page 1 for more colors)

Mineral Eye Shadow Uses: Eye shadow, eye liner, body glimmer, hair glimmer, blush, bronzer and many more.
Can be used wet or dry. 

They can be used dry for a lighter color and wet for more dramatic color or as liquid liners that last indefinately.   You can also dip a clear fingernail polish wand into the powders and use as a nail polish.  Dip clear lip gloss wand into the powders for a beautiful lip color that is incredibly long wearing.  The blues and greens are regulated for use only on the eyes.

Check our other eye shadow colors in our e-scential beauty ads and store.

We recommend our Small Fluff Eye Shadow Brush # 622.

(Buy five or more eye shadows and receive a FREE Eye Shadow Brush!)

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