Rosebud Lip Balm & Salve
Three Lavish Layers
$14.95 Plus S&H
Mocha Rose Lip Balm
$6.95 Plus S&H
Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm
$6.95 Plus S&H

Strawberry Lip Balm

$6.95 Plus S&H



Smith's Rosebud Menthol & Eucalyptus Balm

$5.95 Plus S&H

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm

$6.95 Plus S&H

Smith's Rosebud Salve & Lip Balm

$6.96 Plus S&H





Sunaroma Floral Soap

100% Vegetable Based

Lavender & Violet

4.25 oz  $2.95 each



150g/5.3 oz. Bar

Just $2.95 each. 



Skin Care products for your health & beauty

Escential Beauty Camellia Oil

The skin & hair care miracle oil.







e-scential beauty ~ CLEAR SKIN SOLUTION ~ Complete System with Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer




Illuminating Eye Treatment                          Double Anti-Aging Serum 



Night-Time Renewal Cream



Glycolic Acid Serum


Anti-Aging Foundation



Escential Beauty Age Defying Eye Cream


Heal & Conceal Blemish Buster





African Black Soap Body Butter

Body Butter Soap contains a unique blend of mango, Shea butter and aloe which softens, moisturizes and soothes dry skin, conditioning while tempting the senses with a bouquet of natural fragrance.   3.5 oz   $2.95 each.



African Black Soap Olive Oil & Vitamin C

A naturally conditioning olive oil and pro vitamin C enriched soap, processed by "French Milling" to produce a long lasting, finely textured soap of the highest quality and purity for ultimate skin care. Suitable for all ages and skin types.   3.5 oz   $2.95 each.


African Black Soap Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E

A creamy moisturizing soap for blemish prone skin. Cleans & lifts away dirt & bacteria. Softens rough, dry skin. Excellent for face, hand & body.  3.5 oz   $2.95 each.


African Black Soap with Soy Milk with Chamomile & Cucumber

Soy Milk Soap bathes the skin in a rich lather of soy protein and vitamin E, while softening and moisturizing with essential extracts of chamomile and cucumber.  3.5 oz   $2.95 each.


African Black Soap with Egyptian Musk Cocoa Cream

A natural shea and cocoa butter cleanser that revitalizes, moisturizes and protects the skin with a powerful combination of almond, sunflower oil and aloe for young healthy looking skin.         3.5 oz   $2.95 each.



African Black Soap with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera

African Shea Butter & Aloe Vera soap is a naturally moisturizing, skin conditioning cleanser of the highest quality and purity.  4.25 oz   Price $2.95 each


African Black Soap Multi-Vitamin

Vitamin C, E, A, D, B & Aloe. 100% vegetable based. A total skin care soap that softens, moisturizes and exfoliates while enriching the skin with a powerful vitamin based antioxidant formula to help maintain and promote healthy skin. 3.5 oz  price $2.95 each


African Black Soap Beauty Bar with Moisturizing Lotion

100% vegetable based. A finely textured moisturizing and skin conditioning soap, enriched with mineral oil and coconut to help maintain beautiful skin, Suitable for all skin types.  3.5 oz  price $2.95 each



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Botox works by paralyzing those muscles which cause wrinkles. This causes the surrounding muscles to overcompensate, and create new wrinkles. Botox causes wrinkles. Dremu erases them. As seen on Oprah. Money Back Guarantee from Dremu

Dremu Oil:

Reduces wrinkles without needles - Light, odorless non pore clogging - World's most effective moisturizer - Penetrates deeply to reduce wrinkles - Absorbs immediately - Calms redness - Plumps up fine lines - Hastens healing - Soothes roughness - Rehydrates dry, chapped, skin

1 fluid oz. $88.00  

2.0 fluid oz. $149.00 



Dremu Oil:

Gets rid of puffiness almost immediately... (less than 7 minutes). Smoothes and reduces fine lines and crows feet.
A super light eye cream with emu oil, collagen, ceramides and elastin to firm and rehydrate dry skin around the eyes, vitamin E to prevent dehydration and free-radical damage, green tea extract to reduce puffiness, aloe for smoothing and panthenol for refining delicate tissue.
Oprah recommended Airbrush to millions of women...

.75oz/15mL $68.00