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super eyelash curler  

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Tweezermate 10X lighted mirror

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 petite tweeze set w/ leather case

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TWEEZERMAN Ltd Edition Swarovski Crystal Slant Tweezer asst'd colors


TWEEZERMAN---Mini Oval Slant Tweezer BLUE SNOWFLAKE and asst'd colors


TWEEZERMAN -- Slant Tweezer in Zebra Print

 Floral Print Slant Tweezer - Daisy and other Floral Prints 

Designer Series Slant Tweezer - Blue Clouds and other patterns 


Special Edition Animal Print Slant Tweezers - Reptile


Pattern Print Slant Tweezer - multi patterns


Floral Print Slant Tweezer - Tulip and other Floral Prints 


Special Edition Animal Print Slant Tweezers - Leopard


TWEEZERMAN Must Have for Brows Kit


TWEEZERMAN Must Have for Brows & Lashes Kit


TWEEZERMAN Must Have Eyes,Face,& Nails Kit


Paw Print Mini Slant Tweezer


Paw Print Matchbox Itty Bitty Files



Lighted Slant Tweezer - asst'd colors


File Buff & Shine


Tweezerman Anniversary Tweezers 


Tweezerman Graffiti Tweezers


Baby Manicure Set


Cuticle Hangnail Snipper w/Pouch


Essential Grooming Kit


Mini Nail Rescue Kit


Stainless Steel Grooming Kit

  Petite Dream Garden Set in Asst'd Colors


Zip File w/Case Asst'd Colors


Fashion Files

3 Manicure 3 Pedicure


stainless steel fingernail clipper

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Toenail & Fingernail Set


Brow Grooming Solution

folding nail clipper

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4-way nail buffer  

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Pedro Fina ceramic nail file   More Information

no-slip skin care tool  

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filemate makes filing fun & convenient!

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pushy & nail cleaner

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classic lash curler

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Folding ILash Comb

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  Brow Powder Brush

Enhance beautifully shaped brows for expert application of powder and a well defined look
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brow shaping brush  a daily essential brow tool 

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3 in 1 pedicure tool

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wide grip point classic

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point tweezer the ultimate in precision tweezing  

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pointed slant tweezer the all in one tweezer

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round trip tweezer  easy tweezing   stainless steel  

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point tweezers asstd colors   

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Pedro callus stone 

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comfort callus shaver & rasp pedicure duo  

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after tweeze soothing cream the calming touch

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body tweezer get a grip. The body tweezer features a specially designed large point that is ideal for grabbing coarse, thicker hair such as chin or leg hair, ingrowns and splinters. classic stainless steel.

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Go green mini slant tweezer

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Deluxe Fingernail & Toenail Clipper - Asst'd Colors

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mini slant tweezer classic stainless, & asst'd colors

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