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Deneter's newest scent is here!

Frangipani: Nothing evokes that tropical feeling like the serene scent of Demeter's Frangipani. Radiant and captivating, Frangipani is an irresistibly, timeless and enticing fragrance.

Frangipani also known as Plumeria, is perhaps the queen of all tropical flowers. For centuries, Frangipani has been one of the great plants for human adornment. In modern Polynesian culture, the Frangipani can be worn by women to indicate their relationship status over the right ear if seeking a relationship and over the left if taken.

Demeter's Frangipani is meant to be worn anytime, anywhere regardless of your status.

History says: the name, frangipani, comes from the Italian nobleman, Marquis Frangipani, who created a perfume used to scent gloves in the 16th century. When the frangipani flower was discovered its natural perfume reminded people of the scented gloves, and so the flower was called frangipani. Another version has it that the name, frangipani, is from the French frangipanier which is a type of coagulated milk that Plumeria milk resembles.

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Demeter Classic Duo Gift Set

Available in almost every Demeter Scent

1 oz. cologne together with matching 4 oz. Calming Lotion

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