TWEEZERMAN Must Have for Brows Kit ~ Over $40.00 Value

Must Have for Brows

It’s a fact: perfectly shaped brows frame your eyes to enhance the natural beauty of your face. Get ahead of the learning curve with this must-have collection of our top-selling brow tools; the very essentials you need in order to tweeze, soothe, and shape your way to the most gorgeous brows ever. Because we develop our beauty tools to be uniquely best at what they are created to do, our value-pack for brows will leave you looking and feeling your absolute very best - without having to spend like a diva.

How To Use:

Tweeze in the direction of hair growth. Use a hot towel to open pores. Dry area. Isolate the hair you’re about to tweeze.

After Tweeze™ Soothing Cream: After tweezing or waxing, use the soft applicator wand to glide soothing cream over tender brow areas.

Brow Shaping Brush: Remove cap to push up on collar of tube and click brush in place. Use for shaping brows anytime and during trimming and tweezing to avoid making brows too sparse or uneven.
For shaping: while looking in mirror, gently brush hairs in short strokes following your natural brow line.
For extra-long strays: brush brows straight up to clearly see which hairs should be trimmed. While tweezing: frequently step back from mirror, brush hairs to follow your natural brow line checking for equal balance and proportion as you work.



Clean tweezer after each use. When storing, keep protective cap on tips.


Dropping tweezers can damage the tips and throw them out of alignment.


Kit includes: Round Tip Slant Tweezer, Brow Mousse and retractable Brow Brush.


Over $40.00 value for just $25.00 with Free USA S&H

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