TWEEZERMAN Must Have Eyes,Face,& Nails Kit +$40 Value

Must Have for Eyes, Face & Nails

It’s a fact: using the right tools can make all the difference for a low-hassle, high-impact, total head-to-toes look. This collection of Tweezerman top-sellers includes essential must-haves to tweeze, curl, freshen, clip and file your way to your most gorgeous you—look perfectly polished, even before or without cosmetics. Because we develop our beauty tools to be uniquely best at what they are created to do, this top-to-toes value-pack will leave you looking and feeling your absolute very best without having to spend like a diva.

How To Use:

Tweeze in the direction of hair growth. Use a hot towel to open pores. Dry area. Isolate the hair you’re about to tweeze.
Super Curl Eyelash Curler Open curler, bring close and insert lashes through opening and center them. Rest upper bar of curler on eyelid to prevent pinching. Squeeze curler gently but firmly. Hold a few seconds. Repeat if necessary.
Facial Blotting Paper: Open case to pull out desired amount of paper, close lid and tear upwards. Lightly press against skin to absorb oil. Can be used throughout the day to revive a shine-free, finished look without disturbing make-up.
Power Nail® Clipper: Simply flip open, turn and clip nails straight across.
FileMate™: File nails in one direction. Do not use sawing motion.


Clean tweezers after each use. Dropping tweezers can damage the tips and throw them out of alignment. When storing, keep protective cap on tips.
Wash pad of Super Curl Eyelash Curler regularly to keep it clean and bacteria free. With daily use, our expert recommendation is to replace pads after 3 months and replace the Curler between 6 and 9 months.


Always curl lashes before applying mascara to avoid sticky problems. Using mascara before curling can cause eyelashes to stick to pad or, worse, make lashes brittle and prone to breaking.


For an amplified look, try lightly heating the pad of this curler with a blow dryer to create a super-strong, reinforced curl.


Kit includes: Round Tip Tweezer, Facial Blotting Paper, Filemate with extra file, Super Curl Lash Curler, Power Nail Clipper.


Over $40.00 value for just $25.00 with Free USA S&H




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